Dylan Weber

Tattoo Artist

Booking in with me.

Read below for some guidelines.

My bookings for the next set of openings was on March 10th, 2019 at 12PM via the booking form on this website. Please make sure you read all the guidelines ant Q&A before submitting a booking inquiry.


I do close my bookings roughly within 48 hours, so I disable the link to enquire.
I am currently sorting through emails and awaiting replies - my bookings won’t be opening again for a while now. Thank you!


As of 2019 I will have an hourly rate of $250 for anything under 6 hours, then my day rate is $1400 including GST for a whole day session (6-8 hours)


As it’s not my style, I do not tattoo Traditional, Neo Traditional, Japanese, lettering, some religious artwork, cartoons, phoenixes, mermaids, family portraits unless its a high quality reference photograph



I love tattooing anything nature related, animals, landscapes, nautical pieces, dog portraits, detailed objects,  portraits (famous people or characters). I love tattooing in both black and grey and colour! I only will tattoo you if you have a BRIEF description of what you're after so i can have a bit of my own artistic freedom creating your piece and do the best job i can, so if you're booking in with me, I need you to have trust in the designing, please keep it brief, it helps me out a a lot! Thank you

There will be an option above where you can be on the cancellation list.
IF you want to be on this, you have to be flexible and willing to come in to the studio sometimes at the last minute! 

Average time projects take

here is a super basic guideline to how long certain projects take me to ensure you book enough appointments accordingly when submitting the booking.

full sleeve black and grey: 4-5 full days
 full sleeve colour: 4-6 full days

leg sleeve black and grey: 5-7 full days

leg sleeve colour: 6-8 full days

back piece black and grey: 5-7 full days

back piece colour: 5-8 full days

calf sock (knee down) black and grey: 2-3 full days

calf sock colour: 3-4 full days

chest piece black and grey: 2 full days

chest piece colour: 2-3 full days

whole throat: 2-3 full days

hand piece: 6 hours

inner forearm full: full day

Outer forearm full: full day

any more body parts please feel free to ask! thank yo

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